Terehu (Dolphins) - Infants to Toddlers

Providing a flexible programme appropriate for toddlers 18 months up to 3 years

Through a mixture of routine and child initiated play, we encourage self help and independence skills. The children’s language development is increased through a wide and varied range of activities including songs, drama, peer interaction and teacher interaction - encouraging use of Te Reo, New Zealand Sign and English language. Outside there is an exploratory interactive garden area with a range of natural, carefully designed areas including rock gardens, terraced gardens, a bridge and a variety of water play experiences for summer fun.

Kai time
Children have their meals as a group at the table with the teachers. They are able to make their own food choices and eat independently. Water is always available and milk is given as a choice at morning tea time. Kai times have a social nature where children enjoy chatting with the teachers and their friends.

Mat Times
Mat times occur once a day and include a range of waiata, dancing, PMP (perceptual motor programme) activities, books, stories and drama. These are planned as a response to something that has been of interest to the children throughout the morning.

Children have nappy changes three times a day or when needed. Children transition from nappies to toileting with support from the teachers when children are ready and in consultation with parents / caregivers.

Sleep Times
Children that require sleep have their own beds and sleep after lunch or when needed in a temperature controlled environment, following parents request.