Our Programme

Our aim is to help children develop into competent and confident people who will embrace a life-long love of learning.

We encourage all children to develop independence, leadership, curiosity and confidence in their own abilities as we gently challenge them to reach their fullest potential by encouraging and praising their efforts.

Our Programme
Our programme reflects the many different ways children learn and is guided by the four foundation principles of New Zealand’s early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki.

We encourage a collaborative environment that provides flexible space, furniture and open-ended natural resourcing where children are empowered to take ownership of their own learning through creating, implementing and completing self-set tasks.

Kotahitanga-Holistic Development
Individual differences are valued in an environment that is set up in ways to entice children to be engaged in their own learning with curiosity and wonderment.

Whānau Tangata-Family and Community
Whanau/ family, children, educators and management work together as a community in an environment that reflects our dual heritage, fostering mutual respect, sharing and learning.

Ngā Honoga-Relationships
Children are encouraged to develop responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places and things both within this environment and beyond.

“Te manu e kai i te miro, nona te ngahere;
Te manu e kai i te matauranga, nona te Ao.”
The bird that partakes of the Miro berry, owns the forest.
The bird that partakes of education owns the world.