Patangaroa (Starfish) - Infants

Providing a flexible programme appropriate for infants and toddlers up to 2 years

Starfish / Pātangaroa provide a nurturing environment that caters to the individual needs of children. We provide a wide range of stimulating activities that focus on holistic development. We follow the child’s individual routines, keeping home and centre life as similar as possible. We are a breast feeding friendly environment. We have an extensive outdoor environment that caters to the physical development of the infants and toddlers.

Kai time
Our cook provides a varied menu that meets the dietary needs of the children. For those infants who are beginning solids, parents provide the children’s food and bottles appropriate to their needs. Children are encouraged to be independent at mealtimes, feeding themselves where appropriate. Teachers ensure that they are eating adequate quantities and assist when necessary.

Parents provide formula or breast milk and bottles, these will be made as required. Bottles are sterilised as appropriate for the age group.

Parents provide their children’s cloth or disposable nappies and name them for identification. Nappies are changed at least three times a day or as required.

Children have their own cot. We provide and launder all bedding. We endeavour to keep sleep times and routines as similar to home routines as possible to accommodate both parent’s and children’s needs.