How much will it cost?

How much can I expect to pay for Home Based Education?

  • Children 0 - 2 years

    If your child is between 0 - 2 years old you can expect to pay a regular fortnightly invoice based on the set number of hours they attend. The rate per hour will vary depending on the kaiako/educator you select, as each kaiako/educator sets their own rate. As a guide, the minimum base rate is $6 per hour. The majority of our kaiako/educators set rates between $6 - $10 per hour for each child of 2 years or under. For example; a 22-hour week scenario, at $6 per hour, works out to $132 per week.

  • Children 3 - 4 years

    20 hours free! Yes, that's right - the Ministry of Education provides 20 free hours of early childhood education a week for children over 3 years of age through providers such as our home based education service (conditions apply). Your 3 - 4 year old child is welcome to attend more than 20 hours per week, however after 20 hours your educator's hourly rate will apply. (See above ‘Children 0 - 2 years’ for a guide on average hourly rates per child.)

  • Children 5+ years

    Did you know that our educators also look after primary age children? Some of our educators provide care before and after primary school hours. This type of care is known as OSCAR (Out of School Care and Recreation) and may also be eligible for a Working For Families subsidy. Chat to us on 0800 250 052 extn 3 to find out more!

Other useful cost information

  • Need transport?

    In instances where you arrange with your educator to provide transportation for your child/ren, you may also be asked to pay a contribution towards travel expenses. The standard base transport rate per km is set at the IRD rate for travel. 

  • Working For Families / WINZ subsidies

    We recommend letting us know if you think your family might be eligible for a Working For Families child care subsidy as this can significantly reduce your fortnightly child care invoice! This applies to whānau/ families with:

    • 0 - 2 year olds who pay a fortnightly invoice
    • 2 - 4 year olds who pay a fortnightly invoice for additional hours over and above the free 20 hours per week
    • 5+ olds who have arranged with their educator to provide before and/or after school care, known as OSCAR (Out of School Care and Recreation)
  • Looking after a whānau / family member?

    If you have a whānau / family member providing care for your child of 3 - 4 years, they may be eligible for government funding. Contact us on 0800 250 052 extn 3 to find out more!

For more information

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